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Perfect Clean set for growth to meet rising demand

Perfect Clean, the Edinburgh-based commercial cleaning specialist covering Scotland and the north of England, is set for significant growth with the creation of two new dedicated teams to meet rising demand.

A new division of the company is being established to concentrate on ventilation hygiene in the hospitality sector, with services certified to meet the TR19® Grease specification, a set of rigorous specifications issued by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) to focus on fire risk management related to grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems.

Further expansion will come with the formation of a team of technicians expert in advanced mould removal as the firm continues to enhance its presence in the sector.

The expansion comes as the business marks its 13th year, with its current client base including the likes of City of Edinburgh Council, Falkirk Council, Heriot-Watt University and Aberdeen University. The firm is well respected for its work in the transport sector, being responsible for the Hitachi – Craigentinny Train Maintenance Centre and the iconic luxury Belmond train, The Royal Scotsman.

Managing director Emilia Ferenc said: “This is a major move for us and will see the company really strengthen its key staff, with the recruitment backing up ongoing growth, with more and more restaurants in particular looking for our expertise.

“TR19® Grease serves as an official, industry-wide specification and this ensures that kitchens not only meet but exceed the most stringent industry standards for fire safety. In the wake of the pandemic and the issues which arose, particularly in relation to occupied spaces, complying has never been more important.

“TR19® Grease is a commitment to safety, quality and compliance. Our Health and Safety Manager is qualified to provide BESA TR19 Grease training and certification for new employees and Perfect Clean is pleased to be able to offer this to clients in the hospitality sector through our expanded team.”

The plans for the new mould team include an innovative mould management solution designed by Perfect Clean for its own exclusive use.

PerfectBarrier+ is an eco-friendly cutting-edge solution offering an unparalleled level of cleanliness and mould prevention by creating a barrier on cleaned surfaces, preventing the return of spores. It was developed by the firm’s in-house technicians in response to particular problems they were encountering during the cleaning of voids and clearouts.

“This service is not just about mould removal, it is about creating an environment where mould cannot thrive, ensuring long-term cleanliness and safety for commercial spaces,” said Ferenc.

“Mould infestation can pose significant challenges in commercial environments, affecting not only the structural integrity of buildings but also the health of employees and customers. Mould remediation is a complex process that requires much more than just surface cleaning. Understanding these challenges is crucial in safeguarding the wellbeing of individuals and the longevity of property investments.”

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