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SoftBank Robotics at Interclean 2022

SoftBank Robotics will host a special session at Interclean 2022 (10-13 May) showing visitors how to design and manage a transformative cleaning service with Whiz, a collaborative cleaning robot (cobot) that utilises a combination of robotics, AI, and data-driven technology.

The session, which takes place at 13:30 on Tuesday 10th May on the Interclean Stage, will explain how cleaning service & FM companies can deploy new technologies to enhance service quality levels, improve sustainability, and boost competitive advantage with real life examples.

At its main stand, SoftBank Robotics will run ongoing demonstrations of Whiz and Gambit, an add-on solution in partnership with Avalon SteriTech. Whiz is a fully autonomous cleaning cobot that outperforms manual vacuum cleaners and monitors and reports on its own performance. Whiz is designed to work in harmony with cleaning teams and can memorise up to 600 cleaning routes and vacuum up to 1,500 m2 of carpet on a single charge.

Paired with Gambit, Whiz delivers best-in-class cleaning and disinfection, supporting a decrease in airborne microorganisms in indoor settings. Air quality is critical to health and wellbeing. A recent air quality white paper by SoftBank Robotics in conjunction with Infogrid sensor technology, available for free download on the company website, analysed more than 400,000 data points and determined that Whiz dramatically improved air quality in all office settings.

Traditional cleaning and hygiene methods are labour intensive and often can’t deliver the science driven approach that is needed for exceptional environmental hygiene. The adoption of cobots such as Whiz can help complement existing cleaning processes and free up time for cleaners to focus on other tasks.

Stefano Bensi, General Manager at SoftBank Robotics EMEA, said: “The global digital transformation of cleaning is happening now. Whiz is an extremely exciting product that will transform the industry by exploiting technology to deliver improved performance, comfort, and consistency. We are extremely excited to show visitors at Interclean this ground-breaking technology.”


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