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Science and sums show why cleaners should ‘Chop the Mop’ in schools and universities


Budget-conscious managers could cut costs and safeguard students Cash-strapped school and college managers are missing an opportunity to cut their cleaning budgets and protect students’ health, according to a leading exponent of science-based cleaning. A false economy is being made ...

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Workplace Trends


How has the typical workplace changed in the past 25 years and what impact has this had on health and hygiene? Charlotte Boniface from Tork manufacturer SCA considers the effects that trends such as hot-desking, new technology and the diminishing ...

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The Wrong Washroom


All of us need to cut costs, but choosing the cheapest washroom system can lead to flushing away a fortune down the loo. Charlotte Boniface from Tork manufacturer SCA looks at smart washroom systems that will save the customer money ...

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Listless Meals


Listeria is a foodborne organism causing various diseases in humans. It is hardy, resisting heat, cold and various chemicals. Its incubation period can take up to 60 days, it’s present in many food types and it’s at the root of ...

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I, Cleaner


Much of the knowledge, experience and expertise surrounding cleaning and hygiene today is taken for granted. Sometimes we act as if cavemen washed their hands before roasting their mammoth meat and the Ancient Greeks whipped out the furniture polish before ...

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The Healthy Workplace


Britain is officially a nation of soap dodgers. Research has revealed that one in five people don’t wash their hands after using the loo, 10 per cent only dash their fingers under the water rather than washing them properly and ...

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