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Axis awarded new deal with Old Spitalfields Market


Axis Group has strengthened its relationship with Old Spitalfields Market with the addition of a new, five-year contract to deliver cleaning and pest control services. The Group has been providing security on site since 2014. As part of the integrated solution, ...

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Labels to change for pest controlled related products


Following the United Nation’s (UN) Global Harmonisation System (GHS) of the classification and labelling of chemicals, pest control and other chemical products will undergo a number of changes to the labels that appear on the product packaging. In terms of timescales, ...

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Essential Flea Guide now available


Pest controllers can now get their hands on a free Flea Guide from Bayer. The guide contains the most up to date information on controlling fleas, from advice on detecting the pest, technical information on the flea life-cycle and its ...

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A new interactive project reveals how quickly rats breed if left unchecked


Rentokil, the experts in pest control, has revealed how a pair of rats could produce nearly half a billion descendants in just three years. The interactive project named ‘The Rise of The Rats’ from Rentokil.com visualises the rapid rate at ...

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Keep pest control and cleaning contracts separate – but staff must work together


People are often amazed at the variety of ways pests can end up inside premises. A mouse can get in through a gap the width of a pencil, cockroaches can be brought in on cardboard packaging, fleas may be picked ...

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Pest control


As the nights grow longer and we approach the colder months, the likelihood of a pest infestation will soar. Rats and mice are a cause for concern all year round, but as they will be looking for warmer and drier ...

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Mitie takes gutter cleaning to a new dimension


Mitie has announced the launch of its new gutter cleaning service – Space Vac, which uses an extendable Wi-Fi gutter camera and vacuum unit to help pest control technicians on bird pests and then remove any nest debris they leave behind ...

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Servest wins Imperial War Museums soft FM deal


Servest has been awarded a five-year contract with Imperial War Museums (IWM). Commencing 1 November 2016, Servest will provide soft services to the unique property portfolio: Imperial War Museum London, the Churchill War Rooms, HMS Belfast, Duxford and the iconic Libeskind ...

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‘Spiderman’ gene discovery could innovate pest control service


Pest control may undergo major innovation following the discovery of the gene responsible for giving insects their waterproof coating, which protects them from microbes and environmental stress. The international research team, led by Joanne Yew from the University of Hawai’i, ...

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Positive Environmental awarded European standard for excellence


Pest control business, Positive Environmental Ltd has been awarded one of Europe’s highest standards for pest management services. The European standard for excellence award was presented to the Herefordshire-based company after achieving conformance to BS EN 16636 2015. In essence, the ...

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