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Delphis Eco launches next Delphis Hero Chef Cyrus Todiwala

Delphis Eco, an eco-friendly cleaning products company which supplies innovative products to the commercial and retail markets, has launched its next Delphis Herochef, restaurateur, educationist, author and entrepreneur, Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL.

Delphis’ Heroes are specially chosen due to their commitment and passion for the environment. They epitomise best practice in sustainability – signposting the way for both hospitality professionals and consumers, driving awareness encouraging them to follow suit and leading the way by example.

Delphis Eco launched its Delphis Heroes Campaign in July 2023 with its first HeroMichelle Thomas, New Openings Manager at room2, a leading hometel brand, and part of Lamington Group.  Thomas was followed by Sam Lawrence, General Manager at eco-conscious contract catering company, BM, looking after the catering for one of the biggest global law firms, in October 2023.

Todiwala is one of Delphis Eco’s longeststanding customers having worked collaboratively for over 16years supplying cleaning products to his restaurants, and now in a new location in East London, Café Spice Namasté.  

Café Spice Namasté has been recognised as a culinary institution embedding quality, service, sustainability and education and training at the heart of all operations. Todiwala will hero the Washing Up Liquid – his favourite Delphis Eco product – to encourage other chefs as well as families and domestic users to ‘clean like a chef’ at home.

Todiwala is a pioneer in the UK Hospitality Industry’s campaign for the environment and sustainability and has won several awards including the Sustainability Champion award from the London Chamber of Commerce and Corporation of London.

Delphis Eco’s CEO and Founder, Mark Jankovich, explains the Hero Campaign. “With such symbiosis between Delphis’ B2B and B2C ranges, the Hero Campaign is designed to champion Delphis’ commercial partners, the real heroes behind Delphis Eco, and we’re delighted that Cyrus wanted to be part of it.

“Indeed, it’s our heroes’ hard work, commitment to sustainability and trust in Delphis’ products that places them as leaders in sustainability. The campaign also draws attention to the importance of using sustainable, non-toxic cleaning products and highlights how using eco-friendly cleaning products is a simple, yet effective solution people can adopt to become more sustainable.

Todiwala commented: “I am delighted to be part of the Delphis Eco Heroes Campaign as I am a huge advocate of these amazingly sustainable cleaning products, and use them at home as well as in our restaurant.

“Although the Washing Up Liquid is my favourite product, we use all of Delphis Eco’s cleaning products in our restaurant kitchen. They are great for our staff as they no longer have to worry about their hands when cleaning as the products are gentle and don’t damage sensitive skin. They are also pleasant smelling rather than harsh smelling and so the team enjoy using them, and most importantly, they work very effectively, leaving our dishes sparkling clean.

“Across all of my businesses, from our restaurant on the bank of the Thames to our Masterclasses and Academy, we know only too well just how important it is to have effective cleaning products in our kitchens. We love the Delphis Eco Washing Up Liquid as it’s so much better than any other product we have used and lasts longer too!

It’s very important to us that we are not only using cleaning products that are powerful and effective but products that are safe to use, aren’t damaging the environment and are non-toxic for aquatic life.This is particularly imperative to me as I am the Ocean’s Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society.”


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