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Egbert Taylor introduces Green Rewards for local authorities

Egbert Taylor is to launch a new ‘Green Rewards’ scheme to promote the sustainable benefits of buying metal bins Made in Britain.  

Many of Taylor’s competitors only assemble bins in the UK after importing materials from countries such as China, which creates high levels of carbon emissions, or refurbish bins using wet paint, which uses large amounts of volatile organic compounds.

As of August, UK local authorities can partner with Egbert Taylor to receive environmental bonuses in return for buying UK-manufactured bins, which can then be used to fund green initiatives such as school recycling campaigns, interactive food waste workshops or tree planting programmes. Alternatively, points can be redeemed as a credit against future purchases.

Local authorities will receive points for every new bin purchased or old bin refurbished, which councils can claim from Egbert Taylor to support environmental campaigns taking place in their region.

Brendan Murphy, CEO at Egbert Taylor, commented: “We want to not only differentiate ourselves as a longstanding sustainable manufacturer that sources 90 per cent of raw materials within 25 miles from our factory, but to also create a way in which our customers can reap environmental benefits. Local authorities purchasing from us can now support their own climate change goals by reducing carbon emissions associated with international supply chains, and use their green rewards to invest in other, sustainability-focussed initiatives at no cost to themselves.”

John Pearce, CEO at Made in Britain, an organisation that unites the British manufacturing with a collective mark, added: “Egbert Taylor has been manufacturing British-made products since 1963, which is a huge achievement. However, for British organisations to continue producing British-made products, it requires the general public to value everything that goes with this and understand the economic and environmental benefits of buying a product that’s truly made in the UK. Transparency of members’ environmental performance is a prerequisite for membership of Made in Britain, so Egbert Taylor will be announcing it has met this criterion when it uses the official Made in Britain mark.”

Local authorities wishing to participate in the Taylor Green Rewards scheme are being asked to make a 12-month annual pledge to partner with Egbert Taylor to promote the environmental benefits of buying Made in Britain products.


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