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Five tips for choosing a uniform for your cleaning business

John Armstrong is Director and Co-owner of printwear and branding specialists, Custom Planet. Here, he gives his top tips for choosing a uniform for your cleaning business.

When you run a business, there will be plenty of things you have to think about on a daily basis, particularly if you have a cleaning company. Your staff are likely to be exposed to hazardous detergents and dust, so they’ll need a suitable uniform to protect them while they’re at work.

So, whether you need tips on branding, or you want to know how many spare sets you should provide your staff with, I’ve rounded up my top five tips to help you select a suitable uniform for your cleaning business.

Consider potential hazards
Before you design any part of your uniform, you’ll need to make sure you have considered all the potential hazards and risks that your employees might encounter. If your staff will frequently come into contact with irritants like bleach, it’ll be unwise to give them short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Instead, I’d recommend providing them with long-sleeved tops and full-length trousers, and even a pair of chemical-resistant long rubber gloves to protect them from any splashes and spills of potentially harmful cleaning products.

Additionally, if your staff will be working around mould and damp, they’ll need masks to ensure they’re not breathing any bad-quality air in. This is particularly important if any of your staff suffer with breathing problems like asthma.

Choose a suitable style

Having a staff uniform doesn’t just look good, but it’s also a way to build a brand reputation of professionalism. So, choose clothing which suits the tasks your employees need to perform: cleaning involves a lot of movement and elbow grease, so perhaps a fitted shirt will be a little too restricting for your staff to do their job properly and efficiently. Instead, a looser fit shirt or a tunic could be more appropriate. Likewise, choosing trousers instead of a skirt will ensure your employees always looking presentable whilst allowing complete freedom of movement.

As a cleaning business, the uniform you pick will be particularly susceptible to dirt, spills and stains, so opting to include an apron or cleaning tunic as part of your uniform style will be a good idea to protect against these things. Plus, an apron is a sure way to indicate what your business is all about!

Find the perfect colour
A great way to get your cleaning business noticed is by nailing the colour of your uniform. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be standout and bright. While bright colourful uniforms can imply a fun and creative company, this might not be right for what your business is trying to get across.

Cleaning services a lot of industries and environments where smart presentation is key, so it might be a better idea to go with a colour that is associated with professionalism. While a bright yellow might indicate a vibrant and happy personality, black, white or navy blue may be received better by the public. While white is frequently recognised as being a colour of purity and cleanliness, black shows authority and knowledge. And, a navy blue will promote trustworthiness, so people may be more likely to positively view your brand.

Brand your uniform

Your cleaning company is likely to already have a logo, but knowing how to display this on your staff uniform can be tricky. So whether you want to discretely have it embroidered onto the front of your staff aprons and tunics, or you want to be loud and proud with a large-screen printed logo on the reverse of their t-shirts, there’s something for every company.

Once you’ve decided on the position of your logo or brand name, you’ll need to consider the colour of it. For a real standout effect and so your company name and motto can be read, it’ll be important that you choose a contrasting colour to the base of your uniform. This could mean adding a sophisticated white over your black apron design, or using a standout colour to add some vibrancy to your staff uniforms. Just make sure that whatever you choose, your uniform will unmistakably point to your cleaning company.

Think quality and quantity
As a cleaning business, your staff are bound to get their uniforms dirty, and in some cases there’s even a risk of them being ruined permanently. So, you’ll need to weigh up the chances of this and work out how many spare sets of uniform each staff member will be issued with. As well as saving you the time and effort of replacing uniforms often, your staff are sure to appreciate having back-ups, so they don’t have to spend each night at the washing machine.

The uniforms should be quick and hassle-free to wash, so choosing items which shield the rest of your clothes from stains and are easier to clean will be key. For example, tunics and aprons will protect the rest of the uniform from temporary or permanent damage and reduce the amount of replacement sets you’ll have to order, so you can keep your costs down. Additionally, the uniforms should be of high-quality using durable fabrics like polyester or 100 per cent cotton which can stand up to frequent washing without becoming damaged or worn out.

Cleaning businesses can be hectic and busy, which is why it’s essential your employees have a uniform that allows them work to the best of their ability. Not only will it help to keep your staff safe, but they’ll look more presentable too.

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