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Kärcher Professional UK announces unprecedented deal for business owners

Kärcher UK, a leading provider of cleaning solutions, has launched an extraordinary offer designed to elevate both work and home environments. From now until 4 August, businesses investing in one of Kärcher’s electric hot water pressure washers, specifically from the innovative HD, HDS or HDSE ranges, can claim a FREE K4 or K5 pressure washer for their home.

The HD range of cold water pressure washers provide maximum mobility for cleaning jobs where easy transportation is essential. Kärcher even offer battery powered professional cold water machines for when there is no water or power supply, offering total independent use. Meanwhile Kärcher’s HDS range of hot water pressure washers are ideal for those requiring faster results and shorter drying times – providing a time saving of up to 35 per cent.

Additionally, Kärcher’s new HDS-E range of electrically heated hot water pressure washers offer emission-free hot water cleaning with dramatically reduced energy consumption and heating-up times, reducing a business’s carbon footprint whilst carrying out daily cleaning tasks. In fact, the innovative highly effective boiler insulation of the HDS-E machine reduces the power consumption in stand-by mode by a full 40 per cent and reduces heating time to as little as five minutes.

Once businesses have purchased one of Kärcher’s pressure washers, they’ll be eligible to claim for one of Karcher’s market leading K4 or K5 pressure washers for their home. These pressure washers are the perfect partner for tackling tough, medium sized cleaning tasks and even come with a dirt blaster and a vario power spray lance.

James Gordon, Marketing Director at Kärcher Professional UK, expressed his enthusiasm for this unique promotion: “At Kärcher, we understand the importance of balancing work and personal life. Our latest offer allows business owners to enjoy the perks of professional-grade cleaning equipment in their workplace whilst enhancing their home environment with the same level of quality. Never mixed business with pleasure? Now you can, no strings attached.”

To learn more about this offer and how you can claim your FREE K4 or K5 pressure washer visit https://karchersalespromotions.com/platform/buyonegetone/en-GB

To find what machines are eligible for the offer visit https://karchersalespromotions.com/platform/buyonegetone/en-GB/qualifying

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