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Delphis Eco announces over 3000 tonnes of carbon savings over the last 12 months

Eco-cleaning company, Delphis Eco, has announced that it has helped all of its customers, big and small, achieve 3,338 tonnes of carbon savings in the last 12 months. This is equivalent to 8.34 million car miles; 1.33 million t-shirts being produced, and 283.7 million plastic bottles manufactured.

Announced during London Climate Action Week, the carbon saving has been achieved by customers simply purchasing cleaning products from Delphis Eco, rather than using conventional cleaning products.

Delphis Eco launched personalised Carbon Reports for customers earlier this year marking a big moment for the company. Delphis Eco can now not only measure its own footprint but also give customers full visibility as to how it’s helping them measure and reduce their cleaning chemical carbon emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3.

Constantly trying to find ways to further reduce carbon emissions, Delphis Eco has partnered with Quiver to offer its London-based customers (located within a seven-mile radius of Vauxhall) zero-emission, faster and cheaper same-day and next-day delivery service. This service reduces its London customer’s carbon footprint even further with an average saving of 2.2kg per delivery.

Mark Jankovich, CEO of Delphis Eco said: “We are hugely proud of the carbon savings we have helped our customers to make during the last 12 months and we will be looking to improve on this as we progress through 2024. Our bespoke carbon reporting, which is an industry first, not only enables us to understand our total impact as a business but also goes into the granular detail of the breakdown of this impact.

“Because before we can understand how to reduce our carbon emissions, we first need to understand what parts of our operation the biggest culprits are. This helps us to implement strategies to focus on the areas we most need improvement.”

room2 Case Study:

Delphis Eco has helped room2, part of Lamington Group, achieve a 74.8 per cent carbon reduction in the last 12 months.

Together, they have made carbon savings of 2.77 tonnes, the equivalent of 20,367 coffees, 1,500 standard wash cycles and charging 354,330 smartphones.

room2, which is part of Lamington Group and also a B Corp, was founded by two brothers Robert and Stuart Godwinwho were tired of staying in soulless accommodation and set about creating unique, thoughtfully designed environments. ‘Hometels’ combine the freedom and flexibility of home, with all the safety, security and services of a hotel.

Delphis Eco has been working with room2 since 2021 supplying what is believed to be one of the most sustainable hotel groups in the UK, with all of the cleaning products used to clean the buildings and communal areas and rooms across all four sites; Southampton, Hammersmith, Chiswick and newly opened in Belfast. Delphis Eco’s Hand Wash and Washing Up Liquid are also placed in all rooms.

Jankovich said: “We love the room2 team’s vision for moving its business to net zero and we’re proud to be working with them supplying our ecological cleaning products across their existing and new sites.

“We’re delighted to share room2’s carbon savings achievements for the last 12 months and we will continue to work on making our business more carbon efficient, and by doing so, help them to make more savings in 2024.”

Robert Godwin, CEO of Lamington Group, said: “We care deeply about the long-term environmental health of our home, locally and globally.

“Working with Delphis Eco was a natural and easy decision for us as it is the UK’s most sustainable cleaning chemical brand, with packaging to match. Furthermore, the products are ‘Made in Britain’ which is an additional bonus and reduces product miles.

“By working with Delphis Eco, we are not only helping to ensure our guests and team members are safe and healthy, but we also reduce our impact on the environment. We’re delighted with our 74.8 per cent total carbon savings, and are excited to see how the products continue to become more carbon efficient over time, helping us to avoid further emissions.”


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