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Dirty London


Faecal bacteria and life threatening superbugs found on London’s public transport Taxi insurers, Staveley Head, partnered with London Metropolitan University to put London’s transport under the microscope. The results are quite scary. One hundred and twenty-one different types of bacteria and mould ...

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Voicemail is costing cleaners’ trade

Image CC credit: Aidan -flickr

Britain’s cleaners are missing out on work because they are failing to answer their phone calls, and are instead letting them go through to voicemail. This means they are losing business at an early stage, as the majority of callers ...

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New study flushes out washroom habits in the workplace


Initial Washroom Hygiene, has found that a third of UK workers admit to being on their smartphone while using the toilet, and almost one in 12 even consume food and drink there, leading to major concerns about the spread of ...

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‘Spiderman’ gene discovery could innovate pest control service


Pest control may undergo major innovation following the discovery of the gene responsible for giving insects their waterproof coating, which protects them from microbes and environmental stress. The international research team, led by Joanne Yew from the University of Hawai’i, ...

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Research reveals Brits are spending less time on cleaning their homes


While an Englishman’s home is his castle, across Britain when it comes to cleaning, it seems that consumers might be letting their standards slip. New research from Mintel reveals that Brits are spending 32 minutes less on cleaning the home ...

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